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Despite great effort and billions of dollars invested, traditional disaster response agencies alone simply cannot address all of the emergency preparedness, planning and response needs of our increasingly diverse society.

CARD is a nonprofit agency, based in Oakland California ( Created to address the preparedness and response needs of service providers — whose clients are among the most vulnerable people in any community.

Oregon is extremely fortunate to host Ana Marie Jones, the Executive Director of CARD!

December 20th, 2013 from

9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. at (Lunch will be provided)

Maranatha Church (4222 NE 12th, Portland OR)

This FREE interactive workshop will cover:

  • SKIP (Safety Kept in Place) Kits let you keep a few simple, extremely helpful items in a convenient location.  These basic items can let you be more prepared without spending a fortune.  Practice your creative thinking skills to learn how to be resourceful with everyday resources.
  • FEAR FREE Personal Preparedness - a very personal look at preparedness, designed to address fears and move past barriers, and is tailored to individual needs of participants.  Help employees, volunteers, or community members feel secure in their ability to deal effectively with emergencies, learn simple response skills, and feel safer – at home, at work or on the road.
  • Using cell phones and other technology
  • Networking Exercises to Build United Communities


What does the FUTURE of disaster resilience look like to you? Ana-Marie Jones’ reply:

“In the future, readiness will not be measured by binders and plans, nor will resilience and readiness be framed around ‘disasters.’  Readiness and resilience will be woven into everyday habits and behaviors, so that our everyday brilliance becomes our disaster resilience.  In the future, we will invest the time, treasure and talents of our community in building our individual and collective capacity to solve problems, mobilize our assets to achieve goals, and we will build strong, united communities – where all people can survive, thrive and prosper in the face of disasters and any other challenges we face."

Ana-Marie Jones, CARD


Steven Bullock


Maranatha Church
4222 NE 12th
Portland, OR
United States